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police Date: Apr 9th @ 3:50pm EDT
I met him at a very surprising circumstances. Not yet tasted the rigors of the Canadian rules of the road, after one year of driving a car, and getting traffic ticket (fine) for not stopping at the stop sign (the sign "Stop"), decides to apply for a court order to get rid of unwanted fine, and, appearing in Canadian court building, "the most humane court in the world", gaze at the endless plates must, wondering where to go ...
     He appeared in front of me, handsome blond man with a military bearing and business folder in hand with the offer to help. Glancing his appraising look in his Russian suspicion, I thought that this "clerical rat", seeking a sacrifice to thwart money for useless advice. However, my suspicions were unfounded, Angelo (Angel almost) as he introduced himself, turned out to be a police officer, and the courthouse was on business, dressed in civilian clothes with a bundle of papers in his hand ...
     With aplomb ment he gave me a lecture about what it is necessary to follow the signs and how carefully I do not got this penalty, to which I quipped that we in Russia "stops" no traffic cops, too, and our most pliant and intelligent cops in the world ...
sex1 Date: Apr 5th @ 6:31am EDT
I have apologized for my kind, but A has told, that so I look even better, than last night. I all over again have not understood its hint but after we, having had breakfast, have sat down to play cards, and A has put the hand to me on a knee, I all was not against. It has told, that they with Andr still yesterday thought of that, as though to entice me into bed and to arrange group sex. As I still was on a platoon from the last night, I have easily agreed, and Alina, having taken me for a hand, has led in гостинную where on the disassembled sofa absolutely naked Andrey laid. It has smiled to us and has invited to lay down beside. Alina has kissed it and has taken in a hand its member. While it, having risen a cancer, мастурбировала to it, I was attached by the person to it попке and the beginnings it to kiss. Alina has moaned and has asked to kiss it киску. I have started to lick its language and a vagina, it at this time did to Andrey. When all of us have been strongly raised, Andrey has asked me to take the vibrator from a box and to enter to its Alina in попку. Попка at it was young, juicy, andin it already developed and the phallus easily in it has come. Alina groaned, and Andrey has offered us such pose: Alina costs a cancer, I too and enter to it the vibrator in and Andrey in the meantime has mine киску.
We with Alina have smiled and have accepted its offer. Andrey was put with a member to my vagina and has started slowly it to enter, I in the meantime lead up up to Alina. Our games last long enough and when Andrey has terminated to me on an anus, it has asked Alina to lick mine I have laid down, strongly having moved apart legs. Alina gently drove language on mine I enough кочила. Andrey, having excited from our games, was again ready to sex. Then it has taken Alina's greater breasts in hands and the member between them has placed. Alina has compressed a breast, and Andrey has started to move a member. I at this time kissed and a neck.
night Date: Apr 4th @ 12:28am EDT
Nothing could look, me has covered with such wave that I, almost with wild groans could terminate at last... Yes such still I did not feel. Has passed, probably, long time when I have finished " this dirty business " and at last could think. Clearness has occurred very quickly - splashed by sperm (which as a fountain from me beat) a table with documents, on the screen of the monitor a heap of the open photos of the "indecent" maintenance, letters are not printed and not sent, and I взмокший and red, in помятой to a shirt and with the lowered trousers... The Conclusion following... If the chief it me precisely will come WILL not understand... I have sharply jumped, have filled clothes and the beginnings run to put things in order in a cabinet...
From work I have left early, sit there till the evening all the same today could not.
But one I knew precisely now... I wish to try to appear on a place The fellow. And here I have presented myself in stockings, in same топике... Wipussye man, I shall suck its penis ... STOP! - it was suddenly carried by at me in a head - I not the gay?!?!... Whence at me in general these ideas???. At me and the bride is, it is necessary to run urgently to the psychologist. How it so turns out that?!, till twenty two years I mean have lived and I have understood, that not the muzhik in general, that I would like to try all as the woman and even more - " awful ideas rushed at me in a head. It turns out a computer has made me the gay, it is less than in an hour!!!!! - this idea did not leave me But the film seen by me all the same did not give me rest, be it, is a devil's film! But the strange spark in a shower remains. Perhaps, then I have already understood, that henceforth I can not forget
with friendss Date: Apr 1st @ 1:12pm EDT
ideles we somehow friends with my boyfriend and drinking beer. Suddenly, friends visiting from afar. As always, kebabs, vodka, beer, booze in general. I did not drink anything stronger than beer, my boyfriend refused to do. So, I mean go out on the porch to smoke, and it was in the village, and I hear behind the fence, my boy, let's call him Vova says that the boys could have sex with me, he does not mind.
I'm such a course was not expecting and decided to take revenge. Hiding, I waited when they went inside, came after and sat on his knees to the first stranger guy, it turned out to Dima, attractive young man with a good figure.Poured, and that go, I told him. I poured a glass of brandy, I drank a gulp and began kissing him passionately. Vova like all eyes on the forehead, but he remained silent, as if I was a stranger to him. I drank a couple of glasses of brandy and I really wanted to fuck Dima. Let's go have a smoke, I suggested to him, and we went outside, got into the car and drove out of the yard, a little after driving, stopped and he was kissing me, stroking through the clothes chest, ass.What am I doing, flashed through my head and disappeared. Come what may. I thought, and undid the zipper on jeans Dima, suck him, said he, I have never made a blowjob. But decided to try it. Dima took off his jeans and shorts and I started my first experience on the part of a blowjob. As it turned out, he liked it, he quickly finished.NOT Want to try threesome? 'He asked, and I was taken aback. WANT-against the will of a sudden I blurted out, I really wanted to. THEN go after earrings, he said, and we went into the yard. Guys already grilled kebabs, Dima got out and said loudly gray, go for a ride. Seeing the face of the guy, I grinned mischievously and got out of the car.His head had a plan for revenge. NOW we take the earrings and the three EDEM FUCK-loud I said, and took a bottle of brandy sat in the car, the guys with some retardation got into the car and off we went. Leaving behind the village, stopped near the road and lit
whitenight Date: Mar 28th @ 6:20am EDT
Has risen and has pulled together from itself stirring part of a toilet. Then deeply in an armchair, has placed legs and has closed eyes. Your hand played modesty. And all over again behaved very innocently: stroked hair on slowly slided on its surface, slightly tapping with fingers. The lorry roared and jumped up on roughnesses of road. Its each push was given me to a bottom of a stomach, forcing my nervous terminations to vibrate in a unison. To you, similar, it was pleasant to immerse and slowly to take out it from me. I have accurately pushed a hand under your palm, have groped fingers the gentle bud which has bulked up from excitation клитора and is slow, wishing to prolong magic instants, have started to stroke it. Closed eyes, I dreamed. In dreams I was on the sea, shook on waves. The sea was my vagina, waves fought about coast, inflow, outflow, inflow, outflow...
I floated in depths dark and salty, movement inside of me all became more persevering: forward, back, forward, back... I turned to a underwater cave, a dizzy chasm. Soon somebody is required to me strong, imperous with whom I could be at war, resist. , the looking on light. I want, that me have taken... You confidently drove a car, closely watching the road, absolutely indifferent to the war occuring at me between legs. You have magnanimously offered me the second finger, and it with delight has been accepted, but has gradually slowed down movement, causing inside of me a pain of impatience.
OOSEX Date: Mar 27th @ 2:14am EDT
HELLO. ITS STASY. started to finish plentifully and absolutely deafeningly, the member has snatched out and has filled in to it all breasts and dummies. Triple call on such demanded and at last has found the way out. It was sweet. not ceasing, extorted from me all up to last drop. Has surprised me only one when I have fallen, weakened and weakened, they almost have unanimously I am simple I adored these and now I adore. We communicate, occasionally we see, call up. I sometimes bring up a repeated meeting. speaks, that it is always ready, but Lyudmila refuses. The reason, as she said, is that two weeks after that mad night accused it that too was pleasant to it that it was dragged as шлюшка and other similar nonsense. It is easy to me to understand it, I have visited a similar situation, and! Now I try to reconcile both of them to an idea, that at us really worthy trio which simply demands continuation.
If you knew, how I hope for success. I again would like to feel taste and STASY smell, to become its witness rough оргазмов and to do the utmost for that saw in me not the contender, and the person aspiring to help it to deliver to the beloved double pleasure. If to you this situation is not indifferent respond. If in s is pleasant family or simply pair which would like to try to diversify the sex with tender, close, tactful and unostentatious the man - write
river Date: Mar 26th @ 12:31am EDT
We have moved to the big tree trunk which one end laid on coast, and another in water. I have sat down on it astride, the person to my sudden lover, and it to be closely to me, has left water so, that its brawny tummy, top of fleshy thighs, and between them ... However became visible, is fast its friend has departed from influence of cold water and has started to be poured by force. The man has taken in a hand my weighty сисечку and began to finger dummies. It was so exciting, that the tummy began to be reduced, I became It has whispered to me: « do not look, only I so am able. They at you such sensitive! » At me in reply to it groan was pulled out only. My hand has gently slipped from its shoulder on a back, after the priest, on a hip, and here already at me in a hand its robust fellow (and when it has had time so to be poured? Just was крохой). I have lead a hand from its basis up to a head and back, then once again, still, gently, and it here has already moaned.In the meantime, in mine дырочке was already two fingers. It has taken out a member from mine киски ... has pulled together a condom ... пальчики one hand began to finger bulked up пуговку клитора, and the second hand it has put the member to my already greased the priest and has told: « Be not afraid, it will not be sick. You the main thing relax, I shall help ». Really, I have somehow distracted on its actions with клитором and have not noticed, how the head has passed inside. Strange: such big, instead of it is sick. In the meantime, it entered into mine попочку while I have not felt as to киске have touched яички. So it is deep! It began to move more quickly, even more quickly, having typed mad rate! It held me for a hip, I one hand fingered клитор. Has felt, as thousand tiny sweet частичек have gathered in the bottom of a stomach ... still pair movements by a finger, pair pushes of a member, and have blown up, being showered then waves on all body. I have heard, as behind that is sweet and lingeringly my darling groans, it hardly drives a member in попке, being slowed down. It too has terminated. The member, and from sperm has taken out.Later, when we went home, it has appeared, that call it and that we live absolutely nearby. We met
Then often enough: both on a dam, and in a wood, and in a field, and houses, and .... But it already absolutely other histories which I shall tell then.
2years ago Date: Mar 24th @ 6:36am EDT
vI have followed to its instructions. And after I have it , I slowly began to plant to it in It screamed at each my penetration. I felt, how my member failed in a certain chasm. I have started to be accelerated, and it was already possible to tell, that I tore up it. From pleasure it shouted all more and more. And again I began to feel, how May sperm asks outside. I have pulled out it, andhas covered to it all Then fingers having taken it has put it to herself in a mouth and began to be played with it language. Then it again began to suck away at me. It sucked and sucked, while I again have not terminated. I was, as the survived lemon when it has told, that for today to it will suffice, and that today яеё have satisfied enough, but next time I should take still somebody. I It spent me up to a gate. I have understood at once where there are we, and, having said goodbye, have gone. When I have come I have been disappointed, all beer has been drunk, and the fish is eaten, but I did not regret, since I have spent time on much better and more pleasant, than my friends. Then I have told about it to one guy whom it is safe to me have not believed. But when next day we send, it hardly in a faint has not fallen, when there was, that everything, that I to it told it the truth.
IN TRAIN Date: Mar 23rd @ 12:41am EDT
At night we with the friend lodge in a train.We laughed at the friend, офигевая from an event. It began to offer free of charge tea, chocolates we scoffed at it and asked and cigarettes. It has taken me for a hand and has dragged in the compartment-conductor behind the promised chocolate. As soon as I have entered into this closet, it has closed a door on the lock.
Fat fingers began to climb to me under a skirt, again Roofing felt-good I remember as on its bald head droplets of sweat flew down. I laughed and pushed away it, spoke that the girl-friend waits some tea it has set me on a table and began to pull together cowards. The compartment such small what to be pulled out and slip out it was simply impossible. My naked buttocks felt a cold table, I pulled legs which persistently planted the Conductor have kneelt and has thrown on mine Such sensation that it thirst, and washing it the Bakhchsarai fountain.Was and ridiculously and awfully to see the thick muzhik in a lap and to feel its language between legs. It all over again has rested a nose against mine and growling, made the way to Twisted a head here and there to dissolve sexual lips as hands were stuck by fingers into my thighs. A conductor so to lick, suck in began impudently, that the pleasure from it was not and then it was unexpected. I have put a hand on its head and began to push away, and it muttered something and чвякая a dribbling mouth, continued to eat mine . When it was seized by a teeth for , has screamed also the beginnings loudly to protest, then it has come off, has taken breath and wiping sweat from a forehead has asked: " тебэ нэ it is pleasant? it so has plaintively looked, as the offended boy.
sport Date: Mar 22nd @ 12:21am EDT
In a sports hall In a sports hall *
I with any unknown me the girl-friend have decided to work a few sports in an exercise room. On me white sports shorts and the same quality a black vest in covering up to are dressed. On legs at me white and the same color . Hair are collected in. To us it is cheerful, music plays, we are engaged extensions, something we stir about guys (Well you know, little girls :) to stretch muscles of hands we we do exercise a mill with small in hands. And suddenly I feel, that behind on my leg hardly above a knee the warm hand and strong fingers has lowered began to move upwards to mine попке, and strong it have seized. Not being unbent I have put dumbbells on a floor and was developed to look at that impudent person whom so inconsiderately seize me by the fifth point. And during this moment the wave of happiness has captured you I is was. The idea on strangeness of your penetration here has flashed at me in a head, but here I have forgotten it, as was too glad to a meeting. I was unbent and has turned the person. On you shorts and кроссовки have been put on and on a neck the strange piece a reminding medal for some reason hung. T-shorts were not. One your hand has concerned mine лопатки and another has slipped between legs and we have kissed. I have felt as mine киска is poured by heat, and awfully you it wanted. Ah, we have absolutely forgotten about my girl-friend. It stood smiling in some confusion, but understanding, that we in it do not require has decided to leave. - something I am tired a little; - the girl has told. Anyuta, you not against if I shall go already to change clothes in a locker room? And having understood, that I not against it have left for a door. We have remained one in a small exercise room. But we shall look round on the parties. One wall is borrowed by the Swedish wall, in a corner trunks from the automobile machine lay, (like 6 pieces) it is obvious to train run, getting in their middle. Further two a shell on everyone on a bar of the different sizes. In other corner маты, on thirds to wall other simulators for legs, press, hands, but we shall return to us. Evening, we in a hall one, light not so bright, and what for to us to include all lamps, we and so perfectly we see each other.
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